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‘Divergent’ Leaps Into Theaters — Will It Be the Next YA Hit?

Young-adult adaptation Divergent, which is being positioned as the successor to Twilight and The Hunger Games, should easily take first place at the box office this weekend. Meanwhile, Muppets Most Wanted also opens, though with a bit less fanfare than its predecessor.Opening at 3,936 theaters, Divergent is the latest in a long line of young-adult […]

Note to Self…

A Note to Self: March 19, 2014:    … read more from Man Made DIY Recent Posts via IFTTT

2014 Box Office Reaches $2 Billion

As of Sunday, total domestic box office earnings have surpassed $2 billion in 2014. To date, the box office is up around eight percent from last year.If that pattern continues, 2014 would come close to being the first $12 billion year. That isn’t guaranteed, though: 2014 is lagging behind 2012, 2010 and 2009, none of […]

An Excellent Bargain Bottle: Our Pick for the Best Budget Liquor

Like many things, the world of spirits and liquor is a spectrum. On one end, there’s the only-there-for-ABV stuff that college kids drink, on the other, the collections and high-end bottles of fine connoisseurs, with plenty of options in between. And while there are the days when something special is the only way to go, […]

Make Your Own DIY Leather Tablet Sleeve

Protect your tablet from dust and scratches (or pet attacks) and make this super snuggly, stylish … read more from Man Made DIY Recent Posts via IFTTT

How To: Make a DIY Dining Table and Matching Bench

No more eating your dinner on the couch. Even if you can’t afford, or have space for an heirloom quality dining table, you can outfit what ever space you’ve got with a proper eating space, … read more from Man Made DIY Recent Posts via IFTTT

8 Ways to Take Care of Your Sneakers and Make Them Last Longer

Spring is the time for taking a break from your boots and embracing something much lighter and easier to wear: sneakers. Or tennis shoes, or whatever you call them where you’re … read more from Man Made DIY Recent Posts via IFTTT